The Life Wall Protectors released the journalist of Croatian Radio with the reception of the election results and the party that was organized at the Laguna Hotel because the HRT on the final confrontation to be held on Friday did not invite the representatives of the party.

The guards immediately asked the journalists for whom the media were working, and several times during the evening they checked among the present journalists whether one of them reported to HRT. After they found out that since the journalist was reporting from a staff member of the Croatian Radio, the HRT rapporteur had to leave the staffing station accompanied by a security guard.

Hrvoje Runtić, Vice President of the Living Wall, told Hino that Lives Wall sent a letter to HRT that they would deny their presence tonight. "Their journalist came in and did not show up. He conveyed a statement by the party's co-chairman to the ether of the Croatian Radio where they were joking in the show as they crossed us and they still managed to get in, "Runtić said.

Their security guards, he added, received a notification sent to HRT and had the duty to ask national radio and television journalists to leave. Their decision, says Runtić, has nothing to do with journalism, but "the way that media leadership is doing something that journalism is not".

"We have clearly said that HRT journalists are not welcome. If they were not invited why they came? HRT is pushing people and doing business for the bank, which is the core of the story, "said Ivan Pernar, activist of the Living Wall for Hina.

The decision of the Living Wall to elect the HRT's reaction to the national television's move to face the last day of the election campaign on Friday, 6. November, only five parties were invited, including the Living Wall. Only SDP, HDZ, MOST, IDS and HDSSB were invited.

HRT has explained its decision on the basis of public opinion polls and editorial assessments, calling for representatives of five parties, coalitions and independent lists for which it has estimated that after the 2015 elections. could be important in shaping and choosing the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

HRT has finally canceled the announced electoral confrontation, and this was the reason why the State Election Commission stated that HRT's "interpretation of the criteria for selecting the participants was too arbitrary" and that this would have influenced the creation of public opinion in favor of some election participants '.