Party President Bandic Milan 365 - Party of Labor and Solidarity and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic declared on Monday that no one has ever contacted him about the post-election coalition and the formation of the future government, and stressed that he is nowhere to be rushed and doing his job.

"I was not the one who snatched or snatched who I was. Let's just let it go, "Bandic told journalists asking if someone had already contacted him about the post-election coalition.

To the question of whether to support the formation of the new government, Bandic said he would see where the negotiations would go. "The possibility is a minority government. If the reforms are on the line of what we advocated in our program, why not support them. And, as far as the majority coalition is concerned, I doubt it will happen, so early elections are likely to take place immediately or for six months, "Bandic said.

Parliamentary Representatives of the Coalition of Work and Solidarity will be Brigadier Brigadier Miodrag Demo, who was selected as the first in VI. electoral unit, and well-known athlete Sandra Perkovic, who is on the list in II. the constituency was the second behind Bandic, who, since the mayor of Zagreb, can not be a parliamentary representative.

Bandic announced that he would do all he would to do in the coming days to secure the Club of Representatives in the Croatian Parliament in the coming days, saying that his deputies would not appeal to anyone, but would vote for projects under the Coalition of Work and Solidarity program.