Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić assessed on Monday the decision of the UNESCO General Conference to not become a member of the organization as a "message to the citizens that no one can go to Serbia or unite" and that she will not allow it.

"Serbia today faced much more powerful than ourselves - we did not win, but they did not humiliate us politically," Vucic said at an extraordinary press conference in the Serbian government.

According to him, "Serbia is slow but safe. learns, to a minimum, not to lose ", illustrating examples of halted resolutions on Srebrenica, Croatia's withdrawal from" economic aggression "by blocking the border and the UNESCO General Assembly decision not to become a member of that organization.

Vučić has told Pristina that the insults will not respond to insults, but is committed to continuing the dialogue and solving the problem through the conversation.

Responding to UNESCO's decision, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić assessed that rejection of Kosovo's "big victory over Serbia", saying the vote showed "Serbia has friends and influence in the world" and rejected the claims of world media that UNESCO's decision is actually the victory of Russia.

President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo Milovan Drecun holds that "a strong blow to the advocates of Kosovo's independence" and "won the international law".

"This was the ambassador's attempt to launch the process of international verification of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo from a dead point," Drecun told Beta.

The Serbian media say that, on the other hand, the Kosovo opposition is disappointed with UNESCO's decision and seeks interruption of dialogue with Belgrade.

Kosovo's alliance for the future of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj expressed regret for failure, while the radical movement Self-determination calls for the interruption of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina as long as Serbia does not recognize Kosovo's independence, with the abolition of the implementation of the Brussels agreement and the cessation of the establishment of the community of Serb municipalities. (Hina)