Slovenia will begin to implement more stringent measures of refugee control on its border with Croatia, and perhaps set a barrier on its part to better control the expected new refugee wave from Greece via the "Balkan route", which Prime Minister Miro would say on Tuesday Cerar.

The Cerar government has discussed the scenario of increased influx of migrants Monday evening at its extraordinary session, before Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec warned of a large migration wave of thirty thousand people moving from Greece's Balkan route.
Following the extraordinary session in the press release, the government said that due to the announcement of a large migrant wave that could reach Slovenia by midweights, additional measures to control migration flows and protection of the southern Schengen border could be taken, which can be activated immediately if needed.
"The government met with current information on the expected increased inflow of refugees or migrants, the Balkan route and the possibility for Germany and Austria to introduce restrictions on their accession, "he said in a press release to the media after the session, adding that such a" highly probable "situation would lead Slovenia to a situation where it would be difficult to control the migrant wave.
This would consequently lead to "humanitarian, very arduous circumstances," the Slovenian government warned.
Due to the large expected inflow of refugees and migrants from Greece, who are now moving on the Balkan route due to the recent winter and limited Slovenian capacity to accommodate migrants, the Slovene government at its session "prepared additional emergency measures to overcome migratory flows, including measures to protect Schengen borders, and you will, as appropriate, start implementing the next few days, "the press release states.
The government also pointed out that it was aware of its "responsibility for the lives of people and the smooth functioning of the state".
The government's conclusions regarding the refugee crisis will be presented today by Erjavec, Italian Foreign Minister Paul Gentiloni and Deputy Secretary of State for Relations with States Antoine Camillia, visiting Rome and Vatican, and will be staying in Vienna on Wednesday with the same mission.
Cerar's coalition partner, Social Democrat (SD) President Dejan Židan, said last night after a session that Prime Minister Miro Cerar would have to explain all the details of the government's decision to the public at a press conference that will be held today around 12 hours.