Due to suspicions of involvement in the murder of two Serbian women at the beginning of the war in BiH, a former commander of the Croatian Defense Council Brcko Šemsudin Pekić and a member of this military formation Begzad Kajtazi were arrested in Brcko area on Tuesday.

As announced by the State Attorney's Office of BiH, Kajtazi is suspected and is under investigation by the State Attorney's Office because in mid-September 1992. on the occasion of the HVO attack on the town of Bukvik in Brcko from the firearm killed two women of Serbian nationality.

The suspect Pekić as commander of 5. now 1. bataljuna 103. the HVO Brigade Bosanska Posavina did not prevent its soldier from committing a crime or prosecuting or punishing him for a crime.
Pekic and Kajtazi suspect that they have committed a criminal offense of War Crimes against Civilians.

The State Attorney's Office of BiH, in cooperation with police agencies, continues to investigate the murder of 50 Serbian civilians in Bukvik 1992. years.