The Sunday parliamentary elections from the Croatian Parliament "brought" almost two-thirds of the MPs, but there are also some recorders, such as Furija Radina and Branimir Glavaš, who have been elected to the Parliament for the seventh time.

For the first time I was elected 1992. and since then I have been constantly elected, confirmed Radin, a representative of the Italian national minority in the Croatian Parliament.
For the seventh time, voters trusted Branimir Glavaš, now HDSSB, and sometimes HDZ's representative.
He was a deputy in the first convocation of the Parliament, that is, the elected 1990. year, he was elected in the second, third (in which he did not activate the mandate), fourth, fifth, sixth and the current eighth.
Six times in the Croatian Parliament are SDP's deputies Dragica Zgrebec and Milanka Opačić.
Zgrebec was in Parliament full of 20 years, the first time 1995 was elected. and since then it was elected in all parliamentary elections.
The obsession went to the meeting with 1992. three years later, that did not work, but 2000 returned. and since then it has been permanently elected, having spent the last mandate in executive power.
Several parliamentarians voted Sunday for the fifth time on Sunday. Among them were the SDP representatives Ingrid Antičević-Marinović and Gordana Sobol, HNS Vesna Pusić, and SDP's Nenad Stazić and Josip Leko.