The Kosovo Constitutional Court's decision to suspend the agreement on the Serb Community (ZSO) agreement is an intrusion of a dialogue on normalizing relations between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels and a threat to regional stability, and Serbia expects to react to the European Union and the United States, Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica said on Tuesday evening Dacic.

"The decision of the Kosovo Constitutional Court to suspend the agreement on the formation of the Community of Serb municipalities has not been recorded in the case of the agreement reached under the auspices of the EU in Brussels and a major threat to regional stability. The essence of the Brussels agreement is the formation of the ZSO and this move by Pristina is a major strike of dialogue in Brussels, which loses its meaning, "Dacic said.

As stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dacic said that "Pristina is a ruthlessness to the international community and the European Union, because there is no way for anyone to suspend the Brussels agreement".

"The move is between the EU and the US, because Serbia has suspended an agreement, but would have made the strongest judgments," Dacic said.

The Constitutional Court of Kosovo suspended the agreement on forming a community of Serb municipalities on Tuesday, published on the website of that court.

Serbian government office director for Kosovo Marko Djuric told RTS that Pristina must carry out the obligations it has and that "someone in Pristina has given the word and signed that it will implement the agreements" and that it is "the obligations it assumed on behalf of the provincial institutions" .

The Serbian Parliament's Speaker of Parliament, Milovan Drecun, suspended the WHO agreement by "unacceptable move of Pristina", stressing that "in this way, the process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina is lost."

Drecun believes that "this is a deliberate move that is the result of an agreement between the politicians and the court to obstruct the implementation of the Brussels agreement in the part relating to the ZSO and the process of normalization of relations leading to a halt."