Because of the war crime in which 1991 is. in Novi Sad, Glinskom, at the then occupied Banovina of the murdered 32 civilians, the State Attorney's Office in Zagreb accused ten Serbian nationals, but one Croatian who allegedly quoted Croat summaries.

Ten of the members of the then Territorial Defense of Clay with the commander of the Scout-Diversity Group, now a late Lieutenant of the JNA, Duško Malović, are charged with the prosecution of the remaining civilian population in the place of the first slaughtered commander of Clay territories during the armed conflict in Glina New Village.

After the alleged 73-year-old Croatian citizen was brought to Glina's New Village, Serbian territories were deployed to the site, expelled Croatian civilians from the houses and gathered them in the center of the village while women were imprisoned in a wooden house, the State Attorney's Office reported on his web pages.

One of the defendants then fired a projectile into a burning house from the manually launched rocket launcher "zolja", while in males and the late juvenile K. Š. shot from a personal weapon. The defendants are charged with killing the 31 person.

The guilty one who hit the house was charged with the fact that it was half of November 1991. in Prekopa, during the armed conflict between the Croatian armed forces and the JNA and the Serbian paramilitary units, killed one woman in which she shot the "scorpion" gun after she found it next to the road.

The prosecutor's office suspended the investigation against a suspect Serbian citizen because he found that he was not a member of the unit and had not participated in the crimes.

The accused Croatian citizen is in an investigative jail extending him due to the particularly difficult circumstances of the commission of the offense, while the other defendants in Serbia have been tried by the investigating judge for the particularly difficult circumstances of the offense and the danger of escape.

Sisak-Moslavina police said in mid-June when four men reported a criminal charge because of this war crime, reported that he was arrested by a 73-year-old Croatian citizen in Majsko Poljane, in the clay area. According to unofficial data, it is a member of former Territorial Defense Mili Paspalj, who allegedly denounced members of the Serbian paramilitary unit of the Croat nationals who were subsequently killed.

Mile Paspalj was unofficially told that the crime had been prosecuted earlier, but the proceedings were suspended due to lack of evidence.

Police Criminal Records came after new witnesses appeared, charging former members of the Serbian paramilitary unit with former suspected war crimes perpetrators.