Serbia, through which 370.000 refugees and migrants have so far failed to lay wire and fences at its borders, but respects Slovenia's decision to begin installing a fence on the border with Croatia, Ljubljana Mayor of Serbia's Mayor said on Wednesday Gojkovic.

"Serbia believes that every country that has problems with migrants carries out measures to protect their internal interests, but for Serbia, which again expects a stronger migration wave, this is not taken into account because this problem would not be solved," Gojkovic said after the official talks with the Slovenian Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez, in which they spoke of a European refugee crisis.

"Laying the wire and the fence would only enhance the crime, because migrants would continue to try to reach Western Europe," Gojkovic said, adding that Serbia has no problems with the transit of refugees and their care, even though the 90 of the costs that they incur covers the budget itself.

"We are expecting from the European Union a common solution to this crisis at its source. We are all dealing with the consequences only now, but Europe should address the causes of the crisis, "said Gojkovic.

Brglez said that Slovenia supports the start of EU negotiations with Serbia, and he also explained the reasons for bringing Slovenia to the fence on its Schengen border.

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