The fourth meeting of Republican candidates for the party nomination for the White House race marked unusual statements in a debate in which the Russian president was called a gangster, and the former US secretary of state was a liar.

"Gangster" Putin
"I have never met Vladimir Putin. But I have enough data to know that it is a gangster. This person from organized crime leads the country, strengthens its military despite the fact that the Russian economy is a disaster. - Marco Rubio

Invisible State
"I want the state to be small, really small, so small that you can hardly see it". - Rand Paul

Socialism serves to create problems
"Socialism begins when the government creates a problem and then intervenes to resolve it." - Carla Fiorina

"Liar" Hillary
"If (Hillary) Clinton became president, he would have dumped the country. Because of Clinton's style ... Tell what you have to do, lie while you can. "- Carla Fiorina

Removed ministries
"I would like to abolish five major agencies. (Ministry) of finance, trade, energy, trade and housing. - Ted Cruz

"No" to a minimum guaranteed salary
Increasing the minimum guaranteed salary in the United States is simply not possible. No, I will not increase the minimum wage ". - Donald Trump
"It's a disaster, If you increase your minimum wage, people will be more expensive than machines." - Marco Rubio

An anti-immigrant wall: just ask Israel
"We need borders. We'll have a wall and it'll work. Just ask Israel. The Wall Works, Believe Me ". - Donald Trump

Predictably illegal immigrants, "stupidity"
"Out of country 11 millions of illegal immigrants are 'stupid'. This is not an argument (to serve) an adult. It does not make sense". - John Kasich.