Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojić believes that lifting the wire at the Slovenian border towards Croatia is being thrown away and that it would be more effective to meet the agreed obligations, in connection with which he announced the initiative for a new meeting of interior ministers because, as he said, videoconferencing is not effective.

"Raising the wire is unnecessarily throwing money. Much more important would be to provide a temporary shelter for refugees, a capacity as well as ours, tailored for winter conditions. Instead, they try to send a signal that borders are gradually closed, and it has the opposite effect, so more people are coming, "Minister Ostojić said at a regular press conference at the Slavonski Brod refugee transit center.

Ostojic considers that it is not convincingly justified by the Slovenian Prime Minister Mire Cerar to "lift the barrier" to guide the upcoming wave of refugees after the two-day strike of port workers in Greece, which has briefly kept the thousands of migrants from the Greek islands on the mainland, and further to the Balkans route. Much of that wave has already passed through Slovenia, Ostojić said.

He recalled that he was already similar to the situation, the wave with the 36.000 refugee, and that everyone was taken care of. "There is no direction for unadulterated entry because Croatia respects the plans. What are the real reasons for such a decision I can not comment on, "Ostojić said.

He also rejected the insinuations that the reason for the wire lift at the border was a breakthrough that happened on the border a month ago. The minister says they are guilty of it on the Slovenian side because nine hours of refusal of refugees remained with the fictitious excuse that Austria receives a smaller number.

He announced today a new initiative for a meeting of interior ministers and insisting on the implementation of the Junckner plan. Current video conferencing is not effective, the minister said. "After 25 days, only Croatia fulfilled the agreed obligations. Our capacity for 5000 people, if so in Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria and Bulgaria, could control every refugee wave, "Ostojic points out, with the reminder that the problem should be resolved from Greece.

Croatia registers refugees, but Slovenia does not yet enter data into a common system

The minister also denied the protests from Slovenia that Croatia did not register refugees going to Slovenia. According to him, refugees are registered, but Croatia does not exchange data. "Our data does not go into the system because the first country accepts it does not work. We will enter the data into a common system on the day it begins to work in hot spots in Greece, "Ostojić said, explaining that Croatia thus protects its interests so it would not become a hot spot for refugees who do not have the right to stay in Europe.

Why does Slovenia not enter data into a common system of registered refugees, asked and said that Slovenia's objections to registration could only focus on Greece.

Ostojic explained that there is no way for the German refugees to return to Croatia, because there is no evidence that refugees were the first entry into the EU through Croatia, and that there was no such thing, and if Croatia were to be able to take that number, "Ostojic replied.

At a journalist's request, Ostojić confirmed that Croatia had information on the structure of refugees from which countries came, which had ethnic and religious affiliation but did not want to state this information by stating that they were of interest to Croatia.

Ostojic said there is currently no need to slow down the passing of refugees because Germany still receives the 6500 person daily. The Refugee Transit Center is currently staying around the 2000 refugee. All exit with Slovenia is done at the border crossings that the Slovenian side continually determines for each group.

During the 58 days of refugee crisis, a total of 358.506 refugees were registered in Croatia, with 7.400 passing through Croatia over the past 24 hour, Ostojić said.

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