Since the beginning of the refugee crisis from state commodity stocks, goods worth up to $ 22 have been consumed up to now, Deputy Assistant Minister of Economy and Principal Director of Commodity Supply Ivo Miletic said on Wednesday in the transit center for refugees in Slavonski Brod.

He also added that the supply of the center runs smoothly. "We are ready to provide all the supplies needed for migrants in the forthcoming period. Fuel procurement is in progress so that in the next five months this system can operate autonomously. We estimate that for a portion of the commodity supply goods from the commodity stock we need monthly 7-10 million, "Miletić said.

Commodity supplies to the Slavonski Brod refugee center provide food, fuel, tents, hygiene supplies, containers, beds.

Miletic also commented on the question of reimbursement of remittances spent by the European Union fund aimed at alleviating the refugee crisis. "All this money will be reimbursed from the European Union budget. All these funds are now being spent, supplemented by the Ministry of Finance and are duly recorded. We expect that the last lynx will be paid from the EU budget, "Miletic said.