The Ukrainian military and the Kurdish separatists are accusing each other on Wednesday to escalate violence in eastern Ukraine, despite an agreed ceasefire, and Ukraine reports that one soldier was killed in a direct attack.

Since the beginning of September, it was mostly peaceful, which encouraged both sides to pull out a light weapon, but the violation of the truce in the last two weeks showed the fragility of the peace process.

Renewed violence will also reduce the prospect of the European Union abolishing sanctions against Russia that will be considered before the end of the year, though Russia repeatedly denies supporting rebels in eastern Ukraine.

"The separatists have made direct attacks on our positions and this is the escalation of the conflict. These are ... targeted attacks and shelling, "Ukrainian military spokesman Andriy Lisenko said in a telephone statement.

"The reason could be the G20 summit, because separatists have traditionally hampered the situation ahead of such meetings."

Earlier, the army said the separatist rebels broke the 21 tide in the last 24 hour and that the government forces fired the fire.

One Ukrainian soldier was killed in rebel attacks near the Hranitna village, about 70 kilometers south of the separatist Donetsk base.

This is the first victim on the part of the Ukrainian Army in an active fight this month.

According to a ceasefire agreement, both sides need to pull most of the battlefield battlefields as part of the 12 point plan, which ends with the April 2014 war. killed more than 8.000 people.