The Serbian government has decided to donate five million euros to Srebrenica and the authorities of the Republika Srpska an additional million and a half euros for this small town in eastern Bosnia where Serb troops at the end of the 1995 war. in Bosnia and Herzegovina committed genocide against Bosniaks.

"The Serbian government this morning issued a decision to allocate 10 million marks (5 million), which are immediately available to Srebrenica," Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said at the Investment Development Conference, which is held for two days in Srebrenica.
Following that statement, Vučić received a big applause from the audience and added that he was being offered the victims of Srebrenica. He announced that the money donated will be targeted for joint projects in Srebrenica, which will help rebuild cohesion.
"We Serbs want the best relations with the Bosniaks. We want to spend the next 100 years in peace. This is only a small contribution. Serbia does this really, full of heart and we want fraternal relations with Srebrenica as Serbs want with Bosniaks, "Vučić said.
Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik stressed that the authorities of this entity want to revitalize more facilities in Srebrenica and build a bridge across the Drina River between Serbia and BiH.
Bosniak Member of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegovic assessed that the Srebrenica Association as a war site must be changed and that people's lives should be encouraged.
"We want to restore life to Srebrenica and people who will realize their dream here," Izetbegović said.
Representatives of Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, representatives of EU countries, the United States and other international organizations, are participating in the two-day investment conference in Srebrenica, dedicated to the economic development of this city.
In Srebrenica, in the summer of 1995. of the Serb troops under the leadership of the Hague indictee, General Ratko Mladic, liquidated 8.000 Bosniak men and boys after they occupy the former UN protected zone.