Hypo and Ina-MOL's new documentation, submitted by the court to the court before a re-trial to former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in the cases of Hypo and Ina-MOL, counts about a thousand pages of 'material' that the prosecution did not have at a previous trial when it was once the most powerful Croatian politician sentenced for war profits but also receiving bribes from the Hungarian MOL.

The prosecution is convinced that the new documents will further prove that the former Prime Minister and President of the HDZ received money to provide the Hungarians with major influence in the Croatian oil company, and that while Croatia was facing a war threat, it was commissioned by the Austrian Hypo a bank that has approved a loan for the purchase of diplomatic missions abroad to the newly established state.

Because of these accusations, Sanader lost the first in a series of proceedings he faced. But although the Supreme Court, with a slight diminution of punishment, upheld the first-instance verdict and Sanader was sentenced to eight and a half years' imprisonment, the Constitutional Court ordered the trial to resume.

As key defects in the annulled judgments, the Constitutional Court pointed out that the lower courts did not, inter alia, determine whether Sanader had an expiration date when charged with war profits and that they violated the rule of application of the lighter law, while in the case of receiving MOL's bribe was not reasonably justified Sanader's "official" status, as well as the assessment that the contracts concluded by the Government with MOL contradict Croatian interests.

In December, there is a possibility of separating cases

In order to examine the documents that Uskok put on a preparatory hearing for a repeated trial on Wednesday, Sanader's lawyers requested a delay, and Judge Zdravko Majerovic scheduled a new hearing for 7. December

The resumption of the trial was granted to Majerovic, because the Supreme Court, following the appeal of Sanader's defense, banned the trial once again from Judge Ivan Turudic, who was convicted by the former prime minister in the first-instance proceedings.

After the preparatory hearing in Hypo and Ina-MOL cases, it will be known whether all the evidence will be reopened in the new procedure and all the witnesses will be questioned, which should not have been handled by the same Trial Panel that issued the first-instance verdict.

However, it is expected that Sanader's defense will seek to separate Hypo's "profitable" case from the Ina-MOL Corruption, which opens the possibility for Sanader to trial again with MOL Director Zsolt Hernadi. He had to start trial for bribing the former prime minister in February, but it was postponed because the Supreme Court did not return the file that ended there after Hernadi's defense complained that the entire documentation in this extensive case was not translated into Hungarian, that no matter what he is judged in absentia, he has the right to get a file in a language he understands.