State Secretary of the Slovenian Interior Ministry Boštjan Šefic said on Wednesday that Croatia had been informed of the establishment of physical barriers for migrants in the border areas and that they are on the Slovenian side of the borderline, not Croatia as claimed by Croatia.

"It is not about marking the border but regulating the migration flow, which we have informed the arbitral tribunal and all the others," said Šefic, according to the Slovenian news agency STA.

"The imposition of technical barriers takes place solely on Slovenian territory and does not prejudice the flow of borders," they stated in a statement to the Slovenian Information Office, adding that Croatia had previously been informed about it.

The Slovenian Foreign Ministry says that they have not yet received a note in Croatia in which Slovenia was warned that her police part of her strings at the Harmica / Rigonci crossing erroneously set in motion, partly to the Croatian side, but to get acquainted with the warning given by the Croatian representative police at the scene of the event gave it to Slovenian colleagues.

The Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs said on Wednesday a sharp protest to the office of the Croatian Embassy in the Republic of Croatia for laying the barbed wire on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and Slovenia was invited to remove wire shortly.