HSLS President Darinko Kosor said on Friday that his party will end up with the Homeland Coalition.

"With whom you enter, you stay with it. It's for honorable people, and those who are not honest, they change colors, "Kosor told reporters before entering the HDZ headquarters.

He estimated that the SDP and its partners would not gather enough signatures to form a future government and stressed that the Domestic Coalition collects its signatures and believes it will either be a deal with the Bridge or go to new elections.

Kosor said that they had only one meeting with Most so far. "We do not meet at home and do not order the secret record of people with whom we want to be coalition partners. We are correct, "he said. He wondered if it would be easier to negotiate with the Bridge when Drago Prgomet was "no longer in the game," he replied that it was up to the Bridge.

"The Bridge still has 18 MPs and for which they will decide to form a majority in the Parliament and to form a future government," Kosor said, adding that the government must be formed as soon as possible for all Croatian citizens.

He considers the idea of ​​a national unity government unavoidable, because Croatia, he said, is not in any state of security that would require such a government.

Given the election results, he said, there are three large groups that can form the majority - two can form the majority, and Bridge is to be elected. "As for HSLS, we can be a part of the government, but also the opposition," Kosor said.