Former Slovenian Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel said on Friday that a refugee wave, triggered by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in September, jeopardizes the states in Southeast Europe, with which several prominent participants in the panel on Slovene Television agreed.

Rupel said that such a liberal policy towards migrants jeopardized the countries in which the refugee Balkan route went to Germany. The Slovene government made a mistake by sending its military ship Triglav to the patrolling and refugee search mission between Sicily and Lampedusa in Italian waters, although Slovenia was not threatened by a refugee wave and that the ship in agreement with the NATO alliance and the countries of that area should work control of the refugee wave in the Aegean Sea, says Rupel.
More prominent panelists agree that the open door policy in Germany ends and that Merkel has too "turned to the left" with the refugee policy and brought a great expense to his country, which is why the popularity that this summer was at its peak was very high to behave like "Mother Theresa".
"This is what happens, it puts European values ​​on the test. What are these values? We must defend what is the substance of our way of life. This substance migrants are not at present threatened, but if the Balkan pockets are filled with migrants, the crisis we might know from the 90 years may again be ", Rupel said.
He added that the European Union could not be allowed to fall apart and that so far all such announcements have proved wrong.

Rupel, the former Slovenian Foreign Minister, is considered as an advocate of the strategic alliance of Europe and the United States. He has spent around 12 years in several governments at the helm of his country, and is now a member of the ex-premier Janez Jansa's conservative party.