Cedevita's basketball team won the third consecutive victory in Group B Euroleague, finishing in 5. kola Spanish composition of Laboral Kutx with 76-67 (16-18, 15-19, 23-13, 22-17) in front of the 5000 viewer in KC "Dražen Petrović".

The second half was played by Jacob Pullen, who achieved 21 of 26 for his points following the Cedevita match with 45-30. Miro Bilan added 17 points and 10 jumps, while Jaka Blažič with 20 and Ioannis Bouroussis from 14 jumped best.

After Cedevita's holiday went down with the difference of six differences (31-37), the Croatian champion opened the sequel to the 9-0 series with five starting points pulled by Pullen, and the American debutant continued with a brilliant performance until the end of the duel. A strong defensive player in Cedevita defeated the Spanish team, led by the late Croatian player Velimir Perasovic, for far-sighted trenches, but they did not hit the target (Laboral Kutx finished the match with 8-33 trumpet 24).

The 63-52 Cedevita took the lead in the past five minutes, but then Blažić and Bourousis hit two drummers who took the band from Vitoria to 66-60 but could not get closer. Cedevita had several attacking leaps and the odds after them managed to confirm the winner with which he reached the finish line in TOP 16.

After five laps and Cedevita and Laboral Kutx have three wins and two defeats, and second place in the ladder behind the Olympiakos leading 4-1.

In 6. Cedevita will host Olympiakos for six days in KC "Dražen Petrović". (Hina)