France announced on Saturday that all manifestations in public places were forbidden until Thursday midnight after an attack on Paris on Friday night in which 128 people died and 250 was wounded, and other European countries have decided to step up security measures.

The French decision is explained by the fact that security forces are mobilized to secure the security of the city, and can not "secure different stages and gatherings," said a statement signed by police chief Michel Cadot.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi condemned the terrorist attacks in Paris and announced additional security measures. "Like all the Italians, I'm sure terrorists will not win. That freedom is stronger than barbarism. That courage increases with fear, "Renzi said in addressing the attack on Paris.

British police reinforce the security of traffic facilities and major rallies after the attack on Paris. "At this time, we are increasing presence throughout the country, and we will talk about today's (meeting) prime minister and government members. We do everything we can to protect people, we will ensure all the bigger gatherings, "said Scotland Yarda.

In his words, there is today a noticeable increase in railways and bigger cities.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a meeting with members of the government, who could decide on terrorist threats on increased security measures in the country.

Finland has announced that it will step up border controls at the Helsinki-based airport and in the Finnish ports, and the police will "increase preparedness" after the Paris attacks.

Berlin police on Saturday introduced measures to increase security measures for French buildings in the German capital. "During the night, we adjusted our protection measures," police spokeswoman AFP said on Saturday morning, citing other doubts.

In front of the French Embassy at Paris Square in Berlin there are fences, France Presse reported. Dozens of people have already gathered in front of the embassy building where they leave flowers and candles in the form of support.

Chancellor Angela Merkel summoned the crisis of the German government for Saturday and promised to "do everything" to help France in "fighting terrorists".

Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov said that his ministry will also implement security measures.