Security measures were raised on Saturday at a higher level in Bosnia and Herzegovina after terrorist attacks on Paris night in Paris while the Islamist Internet portal celebrated the bloodshed.

BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektić said that readiness measures in BiH were at a higher level, among which the security of diplomatic and consular missions buildings was increased. The minister added that there is no security information about potential terrorist threats, nor does he know that the security situation has been damaged after the last attack in Paris.
The BiH Presidency strongly condemned the attacks.
"This subdued, cowardly and foolish act of killing innocent people is not just an attack on Paris and France, but on the whole of humanity and democracy. We must not be afraid of fear and panic, but strengthen our resolve to never cease to fight terrorism, "said BiH Presidency Chairman Dragan Čović.
He expressed condolences to all families of victims, French President Francois Hollande and the people of France.
At the same time, an internet portal in the Bosniak language that supports the Islamic state of Vijestiummeta reported on the attacks, saying it was a 'Happy News for All Kind Muslims'!
The news states that the terrorist act carried out ten of the attackers 'by killing French unbelievers' with the message that the same fate would strike all those who are fighting against the Muslims. (Hina)