French President Francois Hollande summoned an urgent meeting with ministers and military commanders on Saturday morning, the BBC said, while Reuters reports that 128's new figures have lost lives in terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris after new data from XNUMX.

"Francois Hollande is currently holding an emergency security meeting with ministers and military commanders," the BBC says.

Additional 1.500 soldiers were mobilized to house important buildings in Paris, including parliament, church and tourist attractions.

The government has established controls at the borders. The police will check people, luggage and vehicles entering and leaving France by road, trains, sea or aircraft, said officials of the border services of Melanie Lacuire.

Authorities have asked residents of the French capital that, for now, they do not have to leave their homes because the remaining question is whether all attackers are killed. The streets, however, are not empty, regardless of their calls.

According to new information, 128 was killed in Friday night attacks, and 99 is in critical condition.