At least two Belgian citizens left their lives on Friday night in terrorist attacks in Paris, including Milko Jozic, who could be of Croatian origin by name and surname.
Belgian media reported that Milko Jozic (47) and his partner Elif Dogan, both from Liege, lost lives in Paris.
They moved to Paris four months ago and lived in the street where the Bataclan concert hall is located, the scene of the largest of the six concerted terrorist attacks on Friday night in Paris.
The news of their death confirmed the agency of Belgian Milk's former wife Ingrid, with whom she has Laureline's daughter.
Milko Jozic, an engineer of interest, needed to travel to China on Saturday morning, where he often went to work. His partner, Elif Dogan, had a scheduled meeting on Saturday, which did not appear.
Former Ingrid wife and daughter Laureline have been trying to contact them all the while on Friday night until they receive confirmation of their death until noon on Saturday, reports Belgian media.