Three groups of attackers were involved in an attack on Paris on Friday night, where 129 people were killed and 352 was wounded, according to the latest information, Paris State Prosecutor Francois Molins announced.

"At this stage of the investigation we can say that there are three aligned terrorist groups behind this barbaric act," the prosecutor said to journalists.
"We have to find out where they came from and how they were funded," Molins said.
The attacker was seven, not eight as reported, and they were all armed with fishermen and caught explosive.
Molins confirmed that one of the dead assailants was identified as an 30-year-old Frenchman who had a police record, but was never in jail. He is from the town of Courcouronnes, 25 miles west of Paris. The security services had information that it was radical, but never the subject of any counter-terrorist investigation.
A concert hall, a football stadium and several restaurants and bars are attacked in Paris on Friday.
Molins said the arrest of three men in Brussels on Saturday attacked the attacks.
The investigation is at an early stage, Molins said. Police are focused on two vehicles. One is Black Seat that the attackers used in the two phases of the attack and has not been found yet.
The second is the red Volkswagen Polo Belgian registration plate used for entry in front of Bataclan. The car was hired by a Frenchman living in Belgium who was stopped on a Belgian border in the second car on Saturday with two more passengers.
The BBC writes that investigators are working on the theory that there was another group of attackers in Paris who managed to escape.

The timing of the attack in Paris as the plaintiff put it:
21.20 Hours - A suicide bomber activates an explosive belt next to the entrance to the Stade de France stadium in the northern suburbs of Saint-Denis, where a football match between France and Germany was played. The French President and the German Foreign Minister watched the match in the official match. The bomber and passerby were killed.
21.25 - In the tenth district of Paris, at the intersection of Bichat and Alibert, attackers shoot at guests at the bar "Le Carillon" and at the restaurant "Petit Cambodge". 15 people were killed, injured at least ten.
21.30 - In front of Stade de France, another attacker triggers an explosive belt. He only killed himself.
21.32 - Attackers open fire in front of bar "A La Bonne Biere" in 11. fourth. Five people were killed, six injured.
21.36 - Attackers killing 19 people on the terrace of the restaurant "La Belle Equipe" in the nearby Charonne Street. Nine people are seriously injured.
About 21.40 - The suicide bomber kills himself and severely hampers a person in front of the Le Comptoir Voltaire restaurant at the Voltaire Boulevard, also in 11. fourth.
21.40 - Several attackers emerge from the car in front of the Bataclan concert hall and enter it during the Eagles of Death Metal concert. Randomly shot by the audience. They killed 89 people, wounded many.
21.53 - The third suicide bomber knocked out in front of the stadium.
00.20 - Special forces enter the Bataclan Hall and release hostages. Three attackers were killed. One shot specialists, and two shot off explosives. (Hina)