Due to the excess ballots, the elections for the Croatian Parliament on Sunday will be repeated at seven polling stations, and the full official results of the election will be announced by the State Election Commission (DIP) on Monday afternoon.

The elections are repeated at one polling station in Osijek, Pakrac and Slunj, and in two places in Šibenik (Brodarica and Zlarin) and Zadar (Rava and Veli Iž), with a total of 2903 voters enrolled. These are small polling stations, voices can be quickly counted, and from Monday's SEC in the 15 Hours they announce a press conference announcing the full official results of the election.

The DIP will report on response on Sundays on two occasions (at noon and in 17 hours), and repetition data will be available on its web site immediately after determining the voting results.

The Sunday elections will answer who will represent the Hungarian and Albanian, Bosniak, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Slovene national minorities in the Croatian Parliament.

Šandor Juhas and Robert Jankovics are candidates for Hungarian minority representatives, Juhas got 21 more than Jankovic last Sunday, winning 2. 196 voices.

The tremendous advantage, with only three votes, in front of the second-placed Idris Sulejmani has a candidate for joint deputy of the five mentioned minorities Ermina Lekaj Prljaskaj. Sulejmani was voted 989 voters last Sunday for Lekaj Prljaskaj 992. Third-placed Nedzad Hodzic received the voices of 755 voters.

Elections for Hungarian MPs and a joint representative of five minorities are repeated at polling stations in Osijek, Šibenik and Zadar. (Hina)