One of the terrorists who participated in the attack in Paris passed the entire Balkan migrant route with a Syrian passport on behalf of Ahmed Almuhamed, claims Belgrade's Blic on its website.

Announcing the text in its Sunday edition, Blic also publishes a copy of a Syrian passport in the name of Ahmed Almuhameda.

"On the basis of this passport, the French security services have been requesting help from fellow Serbs because they know that our services register all migrants entering Serbia and have the most complete database on migrants on the Balkans," he said.

In Serbia he has passed an anti-lateral verification, so he knows that he was not armed for a short period of time.

Greek officials have earlier announced that Almuhamed has entered Greece's 3 territory. October, and according to information from Blica on Serbian territory, 7 entered. October from Macedonia, in the area of ​​Miratovac village. He was registered at the reception center in Preševo, where he formally applied for asylum but continued his journey and soon left Serbia, entered Croatia and continued to Austria.

According to the Croatian media, the same passport found in Paris at one of the attackers was also registered in Opatovec. How does Jutarnji list "if the passport is not forged, that person has gone through all procedures like every other migrant".

"He had never been registered before, he did not have any previous files. Croatian services still do not have the confirmation that it is actually an attacker who was at the scene of a terrorist attack in France, or that the person was truly a theorist, "Jutarnji list quoted on his website. Referring to unofficial sources, Jutarnji List writes that "Croatia has done everything it needs to do: take the prints, paint it and register it ... that it has any file, it would be immediately returned, and this was later missed for Hungary ".

The owner of a Syrian passport found on the body of suicide bomber, who participated in terrorist attacks in Paris, passed through Greece in October, Greek Minister of National Defense Nikos Toskas announced. "The owner of this passport is 3. October passed through Leros Island where it was identified by EU regulations, "Reuters agency Toskas said.