More than dozens Syrian rebels on Saturday strongly condemned the attacks of the Islamic State in Paris as "against human values" attacks, they announced in a joint Internet release.

At the same time Syrian activists, refugees and civilians in a war-torn country expressed solidarity with France in social networking posts.

Forty-nine armed factions in Syria, including a powerful rebel group Jaish al-Islam, strongly condemned the attacks in Paris where at least 129 people died.

"We learned today, with great shock and condemnation, about the terrorist attacks on civilians in Paris," he said in a joint statement.

The actions of the Islamic state are called in the statement "Criminal Attacks against (Islamic) Laws and Human Values".

Most of the rebel groups in Syria are fiercely opposed to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the Islamic State.

"This terrorism does not differ from the terrorism the Syrian people are exposed every day in the past five years," the groups say.

They promised to continue the "fight against terrorism" and called on the international community to address the causes of extremism in Syria.

"The real victim of the Assad regime and its terrorist organizations is the whole world, not just the Syriac people," the statement said.

Meanwhile, Syrians throughout the world have expressed solidarity with the Parisians via the Internet.

In the conflicts in Syria since March, 2011. killed more than 250.000 people. (Hina)