After identifying the first assailant who carried out one of the assassinations in Paris, the investigators focused their investigation on his associates and potential insiders, and the traces of them for Greece and Belgium are now under way.

Sixteen persons close to Omar Ismail Mostefaj, a French suicide bomber identified as one of the invaders in the Bataclan Hall are in custody, primarily his father and brother of his brother's wife. The father and brother of the killer, who was killed by activating the explosive vest, were questioned on Saturday night and police searched in their homes at the locations of Romilly-sur-Seine and Bondoufle.

Omar Ismail Mostefaj, a 29-aged Frenchman, was identified with a fingerprint. Born in Courcouronnes, Paris's suburbs, the tiny delinquent who has been convicted for minor offenses since 2010. is related to radical Islam. He has not had a "jihadist file" so far.

The day after the attack, investigators also found a suicide bureau at a Stade de France syrian passport belonging to a migrant registered in Greece.

In addition to this Syrian trace, investigators focused on the investigation and the Belgian trace. Three people were arrested in that country, and among them the person who hired the Black Polo seen in front of Bataclan, the hall where 89 people died.

The second Seat brand vehicle used during an evening bar at one bar and restaurant was found in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris, police sources said.

Three groups of attackers were involved in an attack on Paris on Friday night, where 129 people were killed and 352 was wounded, according to the latest information, Paris State Prosecutor Francois Molins announced.

"At this stage of the investigation we can say that there are three aligned terrorist groups behind this barbaric act," the prosecutor said to journalists. "We have to find out where they came from and how they were funded," Molins said.
The attacker was seven, not eight as reported, and they were all armed with fishermen and caught explosive.

In France, it is a Sunday three days of sadness. The museums are closed, there are no outdoor markets typical of Sunday.

French President Francois Hollande will address the two houses of parliament on Monday, which is a political act that is rarely used.

Hollande has decided to deploy 3.000 additional soldiers so that they will be ten thousand on Tuesday across the entire territory.

Solidarity and support messages are still coming from all over the world, and G20 will gather in Turkey on a separate statement on the subject in Turkey.

This was the toughest terrorist attack in Europe since bombing in Madrid 2004 trains. when more than 190 people were killed.
Hollande said the attack on the outside was organized by the Islamic State, but he had help in France. "Faced with the war, our country must take appropriate action," Hollande said

Several European countries, Britain, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, have announced that it intensifies border control and security measures. Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that the Croatian government is at the highest level of readiness. (Hina)