New charismatic Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, dubbed the world's most prominent statesman, debuted on Sunday at the world stage in Antalya and became the most wanted meta for selfie shooting.

The Canadian Prime Ministers rarely cause 'crowds' at international gatherings, but there was no chance that 43-year-old Trudeau would remain unnoticed at the G20 Summit.
His liberal party won the general Canadian election after decades of conservative rule led by ever-frowned Stephen Harper.
Trudeau came on Sunday morning to a set of entrepreneurs and trade unionists on the margins of the summit and patiently handled and posed with dozens of people who were fine waiting to greet him.
Canadian officials argue that world statesmen can hardly wait for Trudeau to squeeze his hand and already have 'hill' bids for bilateral meetings.
One diplomat said the strike around Trudeau was somewhat reminiscent of the "Camelot era", or the media pomp as John F. Kennedy followed.