The Croatian Interior Ministry (MUP) confirmed at the request of France that one of the suspected terrorists was 8. October, and said in Hin's statement that security checks confirmed that the person was not in the operational records or that an international search had been launched for him.

"At the search for France we did the checks and found that the person from their query passed 8. October registration at the reception center in Opatovac. Security checks confirmed that the person was not in the operational records or had an international search, "he said on Sunday in Hina's statement Helena Biočić of the Public Relations Department of the Croatian MUP, adding that France responded promptly.

"If that person was in any records recorded and designated as a suspect, potentially dangerous person, he would be brought before in the countries he passed before Croatia, therefore, in Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, and in those countries after leaving the Republic of Croatia , therefore, in Hungary and Austria. That this person had an international search, of course, to isolate and act according to the protocol. The point is that a person in Croatia has passed the registration and continued his journey to the Schengen countries, so he went from the reception center in Opatovac to Hungary, "Biočić said.

The Serbian Interior Ministry confirmed on Sunday that one of the suspected terrorist suspects in the Paris massacre was registered at the border crossing Preševo ​​at the beginning of October when he came from Macedonia and sought asylum. One of the suspected terrorists, AA, who is interested in the French security services, is registered at the Preševo ​​7 border crossing. October, where he formally requested asylum, the MIA Serbia said.

"Checks found that its data matches the data of a person who is 3. October identified in Greece. There was no Interpol arrest warrant for this person, "the Serbian MUP statement said.

Belgrade's Blic announced on Saturday night that "one of the terrorists who died in Paris crossed the entire Balkan migrant route with a Syrian passport on behalf of Ahmed Almuhamed." Announcing the text in his Sunday edition, Blic also published a copy of a Syrian passport for Ahmed Almuhameda.

Greek officials announced on Saturday that it was a passport for a man who entered Greece's 3 territory. October.