The UK will increase the number of employees in intelligence agencies for the 15 percent and more than double the aviation security allocations due to the increased threat of Islamist militants, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday.

The government has decided to increase allocations for these purposes in order to strengthen threats against the UK and recent terrorist attacks, including in Paris and Tunisia.

"I am determined to put the priority on the resources we need to fight the terrorist threat because the protection of the British people is my first duty," he said. "This is a generational struggle that requires more people to fight those who would destroy us and our values."

The government announced that it would employ additional 1.900 employees in secret services MI5 and MI6 and GCHQ.

It plans and "radical turning" in aviation security after the Russian passenger plane crashed in Egypt last month. This will be at the G20 Summit in Turkey.

Cameron has urged urgent review of security measures at several airports around the world, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. It also plans to double the Government's security allocations in air traffic, which currently amount to about 9 million pounds a year over the next five years.