Ermina Lekaj Prljaskaj and Šandor Juhas will represent the Hungarian Parliament, ie together with the Albanian, Bosniak, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Slovene minorities, showing the results of the parliamentary elections that were repeated on Sunday in seven polling stations.

With the sporting vocabulary, Lekaj Prljaskaj and Juhas, they won the victory in the photo finisher, ie with just a few more votes than the counter-candidates.
Lekaj Prljaskaj won 999 Voters, only five more than the main counter-candidate Idris Sulejmani who got 994 votes.
Juhas voted for 2. 218 voters, and for his counter-candidate Robert Jankovic 2.198, the difference is, therefore, 20 votes.
Because of the excess ballots in ballot boxes last Sunday, 8. November, elections were repeated at seven polling stations, one in Osijek, Pakrac and Slunj, and two in Zadar and Šibenik.
The State Election Commission (DIP) has announced that results from all 6 are now being processed. 687 polling stations, voted 60, 8 percent of around 3, 8 million voters.
The relative winner of the election is HDZ's Domestic Coalition, but there are no necessary 76 MPs for the majority in the Parliament. The surprise choice is the Independent Lists Bridge with 19 Representative Sites.
Complete official results of the election, the SEC will announce on Monday afternoon.