The profile of one of the men whose footage was set by the Islamic State on the Internet after the Paris bombings with 129 victims shows how difficult it is to predict from where a new terrorist threat will start.

The blonde man whose profile was released in the footage addresses the audience with the secret location and says he was born in a small town in France.
"I was born in a Christian family and baptized as a child, but we have never talked about religion and (my parents) have never taken me to church except for weddings and other official occasions," the man says as the screen shows baptismal images.
The profile of the man who took over the war name Abu Salman is part of the propaganda material that the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) seeks to attract young people of the Western roots, trying to show them that secular Western society can not inspire young people like him.
Abu Salman was already in a video released a year ago, which was re-released on Saturday, the day after the attack on Paris for which responsibility was taken by IS.
On older video clips Abu Salman and other men who say that French citizens are addressing some camp and alert France that they will pay for their air strike at IS.
It is believed that IS has succeeded in recruiting thousands of foreigners into their army, and these fighters are particularly dangerous because they can set up cells in the West and return to the West after training in the Middle East.
Investigators said the attacks were carried out in Paris by a multinational group with links to the Middle East, Belgium, possibly in Germany and France.
There is no evidence that Abu Salman or other people appearing in the footage directly participated in the attacks.
Abu Salman turned to Islam as an adult, as a serious accident on the motorcycle survived without injury. It quickly became an abomination to modern Muslims who said they accepted French values.
"They preach the French Islam, who soothes the unbelievers," says Abu Salman.
A trip to Saudi Arabia opened his eyes to the true path. There he bought many books written by Mohammed ib Abd-al-Wahab, the founder of the Wahabian School, which was later taken over by the Saudi state.
"These books change the way I look at Islam. I learned about monotheism and fighting the thunder, "he says.
Along with a jihadist song in French, the video shows Salman telling of his military training in Syria, with the occasional iconography of black men throwing under the barbed wire armed with assault rifles.
It describes the organization of life in the 'caliphate' that IS has declared in Iraq and Syria. He is in charge of guarding the caliphate, while others work as doctors, engineers and everyone can bring their women and children.
Abu Salman then buys dates in an old street in Syria, and this almost idyllic footage contrasts with the hiccups that IS has set up on the Internet.
Salman's message ends with a threat to Europe with the footage of French President Francois Hollande, US Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.
"We tell you the European tyrant that you have declared the war to the Islamic state. The war you have declared now turns against you. So you know that the lion's caliphs are just a few miles from your limits, "Abu Salman says.
He then invites young Muslims from the West to join the caliphate and come to the heart of Syria or Libya.
"Know that the lion's caliphs are in your cities, they are in Paris, in France. They are in all European capitals. They are just waiting for an order to do what they have to do ".