HDZ President Tomislav Karamarko said on Monday that the prime minister's position with the Mosto would be discussed at the end of the negotiations, pointing out that the most important was the resolution of economic problems and the withdrawal of the country from the crisis.

"It's an agreement to talk about such things in the end. Now economic problems are truly crucial problems in the country and we should start pulling out of them, "Karamarko told reporters in front of the HDZ Center, questioning whether he was willing to give up on the prime location if the Bridge sought.

He stressed that the HDZ in the negotiations with the Bridge would insist that some of its duties belong to its party, but above all the government of the HDZ, the Bridge and those who are with us to be expert. "Every segment of the reform and implementation of our projects, which we have worked with the German IFO Institute, must implement the experts," he said.

He also added that politicians can no longer run public companies, but just monitor how they are run.

He expressed concerns about the security situation after the terrorist attacks in Paris, pointing out that Croatia must have a government that will take care of that segment. "The question of terrorism, we hope, will not, but can escalate. We need to have a government that will take care of that segment, because if we're not sure, we will not have a holding either, "he warned.

Karamarko said he had no information that all the representatives of the national minorities supported the SDP coalition, Croatia is growing.