The Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) expressed dissatisfaction that the "Memory Train" on the route between Zagreb and Vukovar on the occasion of the Memorial Day on Victims of Vukovar will not be organized according to their information and they will request that Defense Minister Predrag Matić be made aware of this, although the Defense Ministry organized a transport for Vukovar with special buses to interested veterans and victims.

The ministry of defense said that this year there will be no "cracking", but the transport to Vukovar will be organized by buses, and the number of buses and passengers will be agreed with associations of veterans and victims.

The HSP is dissatisfied with this and recalls that during the last few years the Memorial Day of Victims of Vukovar organized this train as one of the ways to make it easier for all those who are in the heart of Vukovar and who want to respect all who fall into the defense of that city. Especially the Vukovarians who live in Zagreb.

We are looking for defense minister Matić and Prime Minister Milanovic to show why this year does not have memories of Vlora Zagreb - Vukovar? Who is responsible for another blame coming from the ministry headed by "Vukovarac" Matić, emphasizes. Whether their goal is to make as few people as possible on Vukovar's Day of Remembrance and to leave the city and Vukovar to oblivion slowly, HSP is asked to call for all the rights to come to 18. November in Vukovar, a symbol of Croatia's defense and honoring the City of Heroj.