Because of the omission in summer 2013. at Gašinci Military Range led to the death of a 21-year-old seniors who had run over the tank after a military exercise, the Osijek municipal prosecutor's office accused two officers.

An unnamed 44 year-old military commander and 33-year-old deputy is charged with committing a serious criminal offense against public security, the State Attorney's Office disclosed on its web site, citing only the age of the defendant.

The military commander is charged with being 14. August 2013., on the Military Range Gašinci ordered the return of the shooting tanks to the parking lot of the combat vehicles after knowing that there were other soldiers on the road on that path and that such movement of tanks was not announced at a coordination meeting before the beginning of the military exercise.

The Attorney's Office suspects that the 44-year-old commander failed to order the exact route for the tanks to move and failed to inform commanders of other military troops at the same time conducting military training at the same time.

Because of these omissions, the prosecution points out, one of the tanks crossed over the head and upper body of the cousin Marko Zalovic, who was injured in the spot.

The deputy is charged with failing to warn the commander of the irregularities in the movement of tanks and his orders, as well as failing to inform the superior commander or coordinator of the use of the military poligon.

The Ministry of Defense immediately after the event for failure to implement training on the military pitch "Gašinci" instituted disciplinary proceedings against the shooting shooter and his deputy, while the 25 year-old tug driver who overcame a rogue sentenced in August this year to one year of imprisonment, ie four years conditional.