President Francois Hollande on Monday urged parliament to extend the state of emergency in France "for three months" in addressing representatives and senators gathered in Versailles, three days after the bloody attacks in Paris.

Parliament will "send a draft law on Wednesday to extend the state of emergency for three months and to adapt its content to the development of technology and threats," the French president said in a statement that the state bodies could "act against terrorism ".

Hollande announced the opening of 8500 new jobs in security and justice forces and abandoning the policy of reducing the number of soldiers.

"Five thousand jobs in the police and gendarmerie will be opened in the next two years," "The ministry of justice will receive more 2500 jobs in the prison administration and legal services" and "the customs administration will be strengthened with 1000 jobs," said in front of deputies and senators in Versailles.

The attacks in Paris where at least 129 people were killed and more than 350 was wounded, "planned and planned in Syria", "prepared and organized in Belgium" and "carried out on our ground with French aid," the president said.

In a speech in a parliament that met in Versailles Castle, Hollande called on France to "perseverance, unity, reasonableness and dignity" after those "war acts" that killed 19 citizens.

The president has also announced that France will "intensify its operations in Syria," after an air raid on Sunday night at Raka, the backbone of IS, which assumed responsibility for bloody attacks in the French capital.

"Charles de Gaule aircraft carrier will sail on Thursday to the eastern Mediterranean, which will triple our ability to operate. There will be no surrender or punishment, "he added.

France wants more effective control of the EU's external borders so that it does not have to control its borders and weaken the EU.

He told the deputies and senators that he needed a unified and broad coalition that would fight in Syria, which he will talk to US and Russian presidents today.

He also pointed out that France was in war with cowards and not in civilization.

"France is in war" but "we are not in the civilization war because the killers do not represent any civilization".

This is the first time in the past for more than six years that the French President addressed both the House of Representatives, the Senate and the National Assembly, who gathered at the so-called Parliament in Versailles. This procedure is followed by changes to the constitution and important presidential remarks.

"Our democracy has already overcome the enemies who were much more dangerous than these cowards," Hollande told the legislators gathered in the former royal palace. (Hina)