Assistant Director of the Ivica Šimac Prison Administration confirmed on Monday evening to reporters that the prisoner was killed in a fire in Pula in Monday afternoon.

"The detainees, the head of the security service and the staff who have acted in this case are far removed from the office," said Šimac. Asked by journalists how this could happen in one of the safest prisons in Croatia, he replied that only the circumstances had been set and that it was too early to talk about the causes of the fire. He did not want to answer the question of whether the 25-year-old who died in the fire had caused a fire or a fire in the separation room he was in, broke out for some other reason.
"The Justice Minister (Orsat Miljenić) has established a commission that will determine what has happened tonight. In the research of all circumstances, the Police Administration of Istria also participates. Certainly, responsibility will be determined, but it is too early to say anything about that, "said the Shimac.