Three people, including one senior police officer and one attorney, arrested police in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday suspiciously of being responsible for war crimes committed by 1992. and 1993. in the Gorazde area of ​​the eastern part of the country.

The Prosecutor's Office of BiH confirmed that his order was transferred to Eref Husić, who is currently in charge of the police commissar of Bosansko-Podrinje County, Ibro Merkez and Ahmet Sejdić, whose profession is not mentioned.
They were in 1992 during the BiH war. to 1995. were charged with high command duties in military and police units and charged with being responsible for war crimes committed against Serb civilians.
Merkez (73) and Hurić (57) are commanders of the police in Gorazde suspected of illegally detaining more than a hundred Serb civilians, which lasted for more than a year. detainees were held in inhumane conditions where they were subjected to permanent abuse.
Because of the conditions in the jail, two people died, and a large number of other detainees suffered permanent physical and psychological consequences.
Ahmet Sejdić (55) is suspected of having participated in the abduction and prosecution of Serbs in the area of ​​Rud, Višegrad and Gorazde, where more than one person was killed as a commander of one of the units of the BiH Army.
Under command responsibility, he was charged with not preventing and punishing members of the unit he commanded, responsible for violating international humanitarian law.