Defense Minister Predrag Matić handed over the car keys to five hundredth of the first Croatian war veterans invalids on Tuesday, and expressed his dissatisfaction because the 80 HVO invalidator did not get their vehicles since, they claimed, protesters from the tent before the Ministry prevented amendments to the Law on the Rights of Croatian Veterans.

These are five cars of the Opel Insignia, and in one car there is a special adjustment, the total value of the 829.000 kuna. Matic said it was a small thank you for lost health and all they did for Croatia. "Our 475 veterans have the right to assign a car to them every seven years, for which Croatia is from 2004. up to now 110 million kuna and we are not really sorry for that, "he said.

He said that instead of five vehicles, 85 cars should have been delivered, but 80 HVO members who could get them this year did not have legal requirements because protesters did not allow changes to the Law on the Rights of Croatian Defenders.

Next year, 106 will be entitled to a new car for one-tenth invalids of members of the Croatian Army, and HVO members will not receive them even in 2016. because I can not enter the next budget year. During that time, protesters will "continue to sit in front of the Ministry and blame Fred for their problems," Matić said.

We have secured funds for this purpose and the cars were ordered, but the order was canceled, he said ironically, adding that "if HDZ manages to solve these problems with the formation of government, Croatian veterans will hone honey and will be cars, houses, apartments and everything what is promised, and I will remind them of it. "

On request if problems are expected on Wednesday in the Vukovar memory column, Matić replied that Vukovar was so sacred that he did not expect any problems. "The walk from the hospital to the memorial cemetery is like a cathedral, and only people with the absence of any responsibility and drink can do something wrong."

He said he did not expect any problems, and it was not until the last two years, when politics involved in marking the Vukovar tragedy.