SDP President Zlatko Komadin and Party President Vojko Obersnel on Tuesday said they expect the SDP, as Croatia's leading party of the coalition, to reach an agreement with the Bridge and build a new government.

Komadina and Obersnel at the press conference in Rijeka expressed the conviction that the Bridge will recognize that the ruling coalition, which has been in power for four years now, has already begun to implement and implement the reforms it is advocating.

"Before the Bridge, it is a great responsibility for Croatia's political and economic stability, because processes involving bargaining or repetition of elections should not take too long," Komadina said, pointing out that he believes Bridge will know how to deal with that responsibility. "I believe everyone will show wisdom in order to respect the will of the voters," he said.

Both have assessed that the coalition of Croatia has been growing a good result "in these circumstances of the elections", namely, as Obersnel said, six months ago nobody except the most savage optimists would bet on this result.

He stressed that the government and party activists have made significant efforts in the past six months, while Komadina has stated that Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County are the backbone of the left center.

But Komadina said, we can not be too happy with the number of SDP mandates, which is "the price of coalition and cadre". "We have contributed to the result of the coalition, Croatia is growing and have created the preconditions for creating a majority in the government's cabinet," he said. He noted that the total number of votes was given "all the left options" in most, but that part of those voices failed due to D'Hondt's method. "This is the result of electoral legislation, but also the ambition of individuals who just knowing who they are and they are," he said.

Obersnel expressed satisfaction with the number of coalition votes in both Rijeka and the county, as well as on a state-wide basis, claiming to be now closer to the number of votes ensuring the country's holding of power. Asked whether he was satisfied with only two SDP members from Rijeka, he replied that "we can not be content with this." But, he added, this is not the question of electoral results, rather than the drafting of the list and the decisions of the General Board and the President of the party, but also the advent of the circumstances in the VIII. the constituencies are the elders of the two coalition parties, who had to be in the top of the list.