The text in which he takes responsibility for the bloody assassinations in Paris on behalf of the Islamic State (IS) group read the French jihadist Fabien Clain on the Internet, according to AFP.

This 35-year-old is close to Mohamed Merah, who in March was 2012. killed three soldiers, professors and three students of the Jewish school in the Toulouse area, after which he was executed by the police.

After a long study of 5 texts and a half-minute in French, published the day after the attacks in which 129 people died, special services concluded that it was Fabien Claine's voice. He and his brother Jean-Michel grew up in Toulouse, and became radical Muslims at the beginning of the 2000. They then approached the Islamic community led by the French of Syrian origin Oliver Corel, older than them, whom they experienced as a spiritual leader.

Fabien Claina, named by Omar, is considered one of the organizers of a branch to send Islamist fighters to Iraq. He was sentenced in July to 2009. to 5 years of imprisonment.

During the detention of prison authorities, they seized the message he sent to Mohammed Merah, whom he met a few years earlier.

After liberation, Fabien Clain went to Syria to join the Islamic State. It is believed to be behind an unsuccessful attack in April at the church in the Paris region, Villejuif. (Hina)