Parisians are preparing for the evening of what they are otherwise familiar with, where food and drink in bars and restaurants will defy the terrorists of the Islamic state.

Calling tonight's expiration expands on social networks under the slogan "Is suis en terrasse" (I am on the terrace), which is the echo of a similar "Je suis Charlie" movement in January, then in support of the victims of that newspaper.

Part of the 129 victims of the attack on Friday had been drinking at bars, at night at the restaurants, or sitting on the cafeteria terraces when the terrorists dazzled them. Everyone who finds them tonight at such places in the 21 watch will rise for a minute of silence.

"The goal of the attack was our way of life, the identity of our city, our culture and the joy of living," wrote the initiator of the initiative.

Some believe that the slogan "Is suis en terrasse" is the best way to strike the Islamic state, which the Western way of life is considered decadent.

"We will cover our dead ... but tomorrow, we will kiss each other on the cheek, perverted as we have been," wrote journalist Luc Vaillant in the Liberation column.

Satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, whose terrorist reporter attacked early in the year and killed 17 people, mourned such a mood with a big headline: "They have weapons, but whoever they are, we have champagne!" (Hina)