Under the name "And I'll just tell you one more thing, remember Vukovar," on Tuesday night in Zagreb, at the intersection of the Vukovar Street and the Croatian Fraternal Union, marked the Day of Remembrance of Victim of Vukovar, where in memory of the victim of the town of Vukovar, the state flag flagged by the President of the Republic of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

The Croatian President, Grabar-Kitarović, placed the flag of a state flag at the foot of the cross made of white and red lanterns. Along with the president, the lampposts in the colors of the state flag were laid by Chief of General Armed Forces of the Croatian Army General Drago Lovrić and Special Advisor to the President of the Republic of Serbia Ante Deur.
"Vukovar is a symbol of Croatian unity, solidarity. Despite the fall of the city 1991. however, he was a great turning point in the war because he showed that Croatia was unwavering in its intentions of independence. Today we remember all victims of Vukovar, but also for the future. Because this youth you see here, all that they have left behind, and what we have to worry about. Take care of the city, take care of our youth and the future of Croatia, "said President Grabar-Kitarović.
She emphasized that she was very pleased that the young people came to mark the Memorial Day of Victim of Vukovar, because history should be respected.
"Of course, history is something we can not change but we can change the present and affect our future. But the people who have history also have their dignity. We are a people who have suffered great suffering in the Homeland War, but we know how to forgive and we can look to the future, "said the president. She added that these young people who are here have to understand what happened in Croatia, as it would never have happened again, because it remained on them.
At the inquiries of the journalist, President Grabar-Kitarovic said that he was traveling to Vukovar tonight, where tomorrow he will be marking the victims of Vukovar.
"Here I am going to Vukovar tonight," said Grabar-Kitarović, saying that on Wednesday in Vukovar, there are many people waiting to pay tribute to all the victims of Vukovar and, of course, in the spirit of communion and looking into the future for Croatia, it definitely has to be better, she emphasized

A multi-kilometer-long candle river along Vukovar Street

The traditional program of marking the Memorial Day for the Victim of Vukovar at the intersection of Vukovar Street and the Croatian Fraternal Union was organized this year by the 148 Veteran Club. Brigade of the Croatian Army in cooperation with Homeland War clubs and clubs, and under the auspices of the President of the Republic.
President of the Veteran Club 148. Brigade of Croatian Army Milan Zanoški said that tonight, while we burn candles for all those killed and missing in Vukovar and Škabrnja, we remember all parts of Croatia and all the victims who died for freedom in the Homeland Liberation War.
"The crimes, the killings of captured war veterans, the massacre of civilians, the wounded and workers of the Vukovar hospital and stationers in Borovo naselje, women, children and the elderly, Velepromet, Ovčar, Borovo naselje - remember and we will never forget. The plunder is a devastated city, and the survivors of the Croats were expelled and imprisoned in Serb and Serbian concentration camps and cashed in aggressor Serbia. People disappeared as if they had never been there, and today Croatia is looking for their missing. Still today, we wonder where a bus full of people - a 61 person killed in Ovčari - was missing, where people who were from the Velepromet concentration camp were taken and massacred in the immediate vicinity? All of us should be interested in discovering the truth, "Zanoški pointed out.
He said that these candles, which glow with darkness, are burnt in honor of them tonight.
"From this place, we, Croatian defenders, are loudly speaking today -" And I'll just tell you one more thing, remember Vukovar? "He emphasized in the speech gathered by Zanoški.
The "Vukovar Light of Peace" was placed on a large candle placed in the center of the cross by Zvonimir Mikulic, son of the wounded Croatian defender Zvonko Mikulic, who was taken from the Vukovar hospital, killed in an unknown place and exhumed in the Belgrade cemetery of Lešće as an unknown person.
Students of XI grammar school with professors and headmaster Maj. Sečić Kopinč lit white lanterns placed in the form of Vukovar, and red and white lanterns placed in the form of a cross.
Lampione was also ignored by Zagreb mayor Milan Bandic, his deputy Vesna Kusin and Croatian war brigadier Brigadier Miodrag Demo, as well as the rector of the Zagreb University Damir Boras.
In the name of the eternal mention of the 200 killed and exhumed victims from the mass grave at Ovčari, the children of the Zagreb primary schools ("Davorina Trstenjaka", "Marina Držić", "Jure Kaštelana" and "Rapska") released 200 white balloons.
Remembering the Day of Remembrance of the Victim of Vukovar began with the state anthem and "proud of the Croatian silence - they are always with us" and with a miracle.
At the ceremony were members of the Honorable Battalion, the Symphony Orchestra of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, the Interventional Units of the Croatian Order of the Police Administration of Zagreb, the units of the Croatian Army and the Cadets of the Police Academy. Motorists parked along the side of the Croatian Bratstvo Zajednice.
Prayer was led by Military Chancellor Fr. Marko Medo, envoy of the Military Ordinariate of Croatia. An occasional drama program was also performed. Vladimir Kočiš Zec sang the song "Lord General", and Stanko Šarić sang the "Above Field Fields". Klapa Sv. Juraj HRM performed a song by Hrvoje Hegedušić "Stoji grad".
Along the whole of Vukovar Street, lanterns are lit, and the inscription "And I'll only tell you one more thing, remember Vukovar" is also highlighted on the buildings of the Zagreb City Hall and Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski".
The fountains found on the meadows of the Croatian Bratstvo Zajednice were marked by the projection of the great Vukovar pigeon.