Mate Matic, attorney-at-law of the president of the Croatian Football Association Damir Vrbanovic, said he thinks that in the new action against Zdravko Mamic and other Vrbanovic there is no need to be arrested because after the first launch of the investigation, he placed a bail, which implies that he will respond to every call of the investigator.

"The provided guarantee is a guarantee that it will not make any omissions contrary to the law," said Matić Hini. He added that his defendant on Wednesday morning should only come to Zagreb from Rostov, where the Croatian football team played a match with Russia.

According to Matic's information, Vrbanovic would have to land at the Zagreb airport at around 10,45 hours. Given the bail already issued, which was released in July to defend himself, the lawyer believes that Vrbanovic should not be re-arrested.

"According to the usual procedure, his home search is followed by a conversation with the police and the Uskoku," Matić said. He added that he did not know the details of the last Faith action in which Zdravko Mamic and his son Mario and two other suspects were arrested on Wednesday morning.

Police search for Mamić's house and rooms in Dinamo

Mamic's attorneys were not available for comment, and lawyer Jadranka Slokovic did not want to talk to reporters either in front of Mamic's house in Tuškancu, searched by police.

The Dinamo Football Club in which Mamić executive chairman reported on his website that in early morning the employees of the National Police Office for the Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime (PNUSKOK) entered the club premises.

According to the first unofficial information, along with Mamić, his son Marija and Vrbanovic, who was arrested with Mamic in July this year, Uskok is charged with two more people who, among other things, participated in illegal transfers of money through offshore companies abroad.

According to media reports, the meta investigation is the suspicious transfer of football players from Dinamo that were conducted through the former agency Mamić sport agency (MSA), led by Mamic's son Mario. The alleged damage is 78 million kuna.

Earlier in investigation for withdrawing money from Dinamo

Mamić had been subject to a trial of Uskok on suspicion that he had been harmed by his brother Zoran, Vrbanovic and the tax collector Milan Pernar of Dinamo for at least 117,8 million kuna and a budget of at least 12,2 million of unrecorded and unpaid taxes and surtaxes.

Zdravko Mamić unleashed at least 52 million kuna from Dinamo, according to Uskoka, while his younger brother Zoran at that club and the tax evasion illegally earned 38,1 million.
Brothers Mamić and Vrbanović were released from the 15 investigative prison. July after the bailout has been paid.

Zagreb's Municipal State Attorney Mamic accused at the end of July for threats to the manager of football player Roberto Murić.