Through the 4.600 accredited colleges, 21,2 Millions of enrolled students annually and the record-breaking 886.052 international students in the 2013.-14 academic year, the US is still the world leader in international education. This information is not surprising, given that according to the rankings of Academic Ranking of World Universities, more than 50 US universities are in TOP100 of the world's top universities. In the past academic year at the US universities, more than 600 Croatian citizens were studying.

After a great deal of public interest, the Sports Scolarships USA scholarship agency opened a new round of applications for interested athletes from these areas who would like to study freely at the most prestigious US universities. Deadlines for applications for Croatian high school students and students are open at the beginning of November and last until March next year.

SSUSA is a Swiss agency that, through its branch office in Croatia, has found 30 full scholarships for young athletes from this area, full of impressions, during the last academic year.
"SSUSA helped me greatly to accomplish my dream. From my first contact until the realization of the route, only 2-3 months have passed. My life has been reversed for 360 degrees. New people from all over the world, the ultimate education and sport infrastructure, one word America, "said Sven Pilek of Vinkovci, who thanks to football got a scholarship from Illinois Central College.

Asked if he would recommend it to others to apply, Pilek responded. "I will remember this whole life and I certainly recommend young and ambitious people to dive on this step because their agency will assist in their realization. I have never regretted coming here because I managed to match the sport by getting top level education. "
During the process of preparing and seeking the most favorable conditions for student athletes, SSUSA team closely cooperates with experts from the country and the region so that potential students can be presented more successfully to coaches at US colleges. This approach opens up the possibility for young athletes to come into contact with future trainers in a simpler, faster and more transparent way and to acquire free foreign academic education.
SSUSA offers scholarships for twenty sports, and the largest demand for American coaches currently runs for women's and men's soccer players, athletes, volleyball players, basketball players and tennis players.

It was the tennis scholarship that helped Zagrepcina Nikola Šolaj to enter the Holy Names University in San Francisco and realize his dream. "After finishing the Sports High School, I decided to go to the US to continue actively engaging in tennis, along with studying and learning. I've been here for almost three months now and I really like it. A good organization that allows both of us suddenly liked me the most. I've got many friends of different nationalities, improved English and visited many new beautiful locations in California. It would be advisable to go to the United States for any athlete who has a chance or is a champion, "said Sholaj.

Maja Šaša, recruiting manager for SSUSA, has herself passed the American system of education. "SSUSA has so far had great experiences with young athletes from these areas, and are often among the best students at their faculties. Because of our remarkable sports and academic achievements, our team has gained the reputation and trust of US coaches throughout the three sports-student associations (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) over the years and the specialty of our agency is to offer our scholars the promotion of their achievements with potential trainers from various sports. Also, we complete the process of getting a scholarship until signing the contract with the faculty, "said Šaša.

Applications are in progress, and all high school students, graduates and students from Croatia, dealing with some of the above mentioned sports, and who would like to study in the United States, can apply to For more information, visit