The operation carried out in Paris's northern Paris Saint Denis ended, two dead and seven were arrested, a spokesman for the French government said, confirming earlier statements by a police source.

Five days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, where the 129 people were killed, large-scale police anti-terrorism operations were launched Wednesday before dawn in the suburbs of Saint-Denis. Her target was the alleged organizer of Paris attacks by Abdelhamid Abaud. Police, as media writers, focused on one apartment in the pedestrian zone of Saint-Denis, a Parisian suburb where there is a large number of immigrant communities.

Two people were killed, including a woman who had activated an explosive. Seven people were arrested and at least five policemen were injured.

Among the arrested, as RTL and Le Monde are reported, is not Abdelhamid Abaud.

The operation began before dawn in that quarter, which is one kilometer away from the Stade de France, which was one of the targets of the 13 assassination. November

From the dawn they blasted and snatched from automatic weapons in Saint Denis. There was an army and a resident was asked not to leave the house. Buses and subway lines are off.

The residents of the neighborhood at dawn, as they say, thought the war began when they heard detonators, helicopters and bullets, and saw the deployed soldiers.

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