The deputy parliamentary deputy and vice-president of the People's Party - Reformist Natalija Martinčević resigned as deputy of the Varaždin mayor and intends to activate his mandate in the City Council, Goran Habuš said on Wednesday after receiving a letter on her resignation to the city administration.

Explaining the reasons for this procedure, Martincevic told Hino that in the last two years he was prevented from working as a deputy, for which he was cited by Mayor Habucha as the culprit. She said that it was a unique case in Croatia and Habusev's unlawful act because, in addition to her, her deputies elected citizens in the elections.

She explained that in the past two years the mayor did not respond to her correspondence and the request to change the decision by which her powers had been revoked and she left nothing but to resign and activate her mandate in the City Council. As she said, she will now work through the City Council in the interest of citizens and hopes for full cooperation and help because the city of Varaždin, as she adds, is in an extremely difficult situation.

She confirmed for Hina to send a request to activate the mandate in the City Council tomorrow. She pointed out that - while she served as mayor of the mayor - she did not receive any kuna fees and that the job was done by a volunteer.

By activating the council's mandate Natali Martinčević, the People's Party - the reformers enter the City Council, and the coalition of HNS-SDP-HSU-HSLS remains without a mandate.

Such a change in the City Council with 25 councilors could be a problem for the ruling majority as decisions often depended on one or two voices. After Martinčević's entry into the City Council, the People's Party - the reformers will have one mandate, the coalition of HNS-SDP-HSU-HSLS ten, the Labor Party as well as the Independent List of Roberto Podolnjak by two. HDZ, which is in opposition, has six mandates, two oaks and one HSS one. One mandate is also an independent councilor, Zlatan Avar. (Hina)