Numerous police forces including members of special units on Wednesday in the evening searched for an assailant who killed two members of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the suburbs of Sarajevo and three more injured

"Two people have been killed," he said.
In addition to members of the Sarajevo police, military police officers and a special team of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) are ready to take over the investigation if it is found that the terrorist attack is as SIPA spokeswoman Kristina Jozić said.
The aphids reported to the police that the attacker allegedly was dressed like a Wahhabi, a member of a radical Islamist movement, prompting rumors that it might be a terrorist act.
Nefić said that nothing can be said about it until the investigation is completed.
From hospital sources, it was confirmed that another injured person was treated physically and was out of danger.
Azra Dedajić, a spokeswoman for the Sarajevo Clinical Center, said a middle-aged man was hurt by scratched glass.
Nefić said that the attacker had opened fire on the buses of the city traffic after the attack on the bettor, and several glasses were damaged on the vehicle, injuring three people.
An attacker reported by the media to be named Enes Omeragić and having resided in Sarajevo before the 20 clock had gunned down one of the bettors in Sarajevo's Rajlovac suburb, where he killed two soldiers.