Federation of Interior Affairs Aljoša Čampar said in Sarajevo on Wednesday evening that police after the killing of two soldiers control the security situation and have no cause for panic, and estimated that it was early to qualify for the attack that the eyewitnesses claimed to have carried out the attacker allegedly dressed as a radical Islamist.

"This is a lamentable crime, two members of the armed forces have been killed and one is injured. We need to determine which motive, what are the reasons for the attack, and after that we will be able to say something more," Campara told reporters at the Rajlovac settlement where the attack was committed .
Local media reported that the attack was carried out by some Enes Omeragić and was located in the village of Sokol where he lives and is surrounded by a family home, but Campara could not help.
The eyewitnesses told the police that the attacker allegedly was dressed like a Wahhabi, a member of a radical Islamist movement, prompting rumors that it might be a terrorist act.
"I ask the citizens to stay calm. The police are doing their job, and we have the power to end this, "the federal interior minister said.
Killed soldiers were identified as Armin Salkić (26) and Nedeljko Radić (34), Bošnjak and Srb. Both were drivers in a military police station stationed in the barracks in Rajlovac.
"This is a terrific day for the armed forces," Deputy Defense Minister Emir Suljagić said, who arrived in Rajlovac after the attack.